CBD Oil for Pets

No doubt about it, CBD Oil is everywhere.

Did you know CBD is great for pets too? 

It has been shown to reduce separation anxiety, relieve pain, ease chronic inflammation, increase appetite, and in some cases, treat seizures, epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases and IBD.

 It is important to get CBD specifically for your pet, and as well as with food or treats, it is best to watch the dosage carefully and start off with small doses, and increase gradually.

Don’t cheap out.  Just as in the case of essential oils versus fragrance oils, if the cost is cheap, the results can be non-existent, even deadly.

Check to see there is a Certificate of analysis for CBD content.  Usually if it’s not available, the actual CBD content is very low.

With all of the promising results, we’re proud to carry the Treatibles brand.  Be sure to ask for it at the counter.  Ask for it!  

 Lab results are available upon request. Contact us at [email protected].

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Fall Migration of Critters and Products to Help!

It is fall.  Our houses are warming up and it is getting colder out.  Natural food sources and outdoor activities are ending, and people are gravitating toward indoor activities.  When that happens, the smallest of critters will travel inside as well in search of food.  While those critters are cute, they can be problematic in large numbers. 

The types of products on the market and what are most effective, can be confusing.  For those who like to use the more natural and humane methods of controlling those numbers, Havahart traps for one-at-a-time or several-at-a-time can be helpful for relocation. Havahart also has many size traps to handle the humane removal of chipmunks, squirrels, skunks, etc.  Mouse Magic, ultrasonic and essential oils can be helpful in discouraging animals.  There are also effective hands-off type mouse traps, which can be good for those squeamish around standard mouse traps.

We then move up to the poison line.  Best and safest for pets, wildlife and the environment, MouseX and RatX has been shown to be less toxic, except for the rodent.  They are line specific for what they’re being sold for, such as MouseX works only for mice.  MouseX and RatX work by making the rodent forget to drink until they die from dehydration.  The plus side of this is it cuts the decomposition smell up to 90%.

Products which should be handled more cautiously are the other brands of poisons which can be detrimental to wildlife and those which can poison our household pets in which vets have no treatment. These are sold under common names, and can be found almost anywhere.  Always read the labels before deciding to move forward with any poison.  You never know what harm it can cause and to whom, and it’s always to a good idea to be cautious. 

We are here to help.  Please call us at 603-352-0328 or 978-297-2518 with any questions regarding the products mentioned in this blog.

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